Taste in every sip

We at Mahajana Group understood that as avid tea drinkers, our community would not settle for anything less than the best. We sought to create a flavor combination that would shake the very essence of our taste senses. For years, our testers have worked tirelessly to bring to life the proper color, mix, and scent in a tea bag.

We've tweaked our technology, raw materials, gardens, and heating system to get the optimum balance. Even with all of our resources, Mahajana Tea remained concealed from the general public until we believed it was the proper moment to present it in such a way that the trust acquired might go a long way.

We at the Mahajana Group are quite pleased of Mahajana Tea and feel that the blend will have such a distinct flavor that it will undoubtedly leave an impression on your regular tea routine.


Gampola, Sri Lanka